Iron Rich Foods: lack or iron causes Iron Deficiency Anemia or Low Iron Symptoms

Iron Deficiency Anemia

by Peter Erickson on November 7, 2010

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Always tired? Cold most of the time? Never have enough energy? Unable to concentrate at work or school?

You might very well be iron deficient or worse, anemic. Millions of women around the world are and many just don’t know it.

Anemia (from the ancient Greek ‘an aimia’ meaning lack of blood) is a general shortage of blood either in terms of quantity or quality or both. It specifically occurs as the result of a lack of hemoglobin, the red, iron-containing pigment in blood that transports oxygen to all parts of your body. And it is pretty much a women’s disease, affecting four times as many women as men, with children coming second to women.

Anemia is one of the world’s most common and most widespread diseases and in 90% of the victims it is due to a lack of iron. Having a high standard of life like we have in the West does not make you immune to anemia. In fact, anemia is one of the top causes of both physical and psychological problems amongst women in the United States, Europe, and Australia. A recent count showed that four hundred million women worldwide were anemic and running on insufficient amounts of hemoglobin. More than a billion women are short of iron and iron deficiency is only one step away from full anemia. And right here, in the United States iron deficiency is the number one nutrient deficiency.

With iron deficiency anemia affecting so many people worldwide you would have thought that governments across the globe including the many international health organizations would have succeeded to get more effective programs in place to prevent or at least dramatically reduce the number of people impacted.

But they haven’t.

And that is a true shame because nobody needs to suffer from common iron deficiency anemia. We know what it is, it can be cheaply and easily avoided or cured and you really don’t need a medical degree to understand it!

The real tragedy is that so many women don’t realize they are anemic, even those who are severely anemic, and as a result they miss out on having a healthy and fulfilling life. It doesn’t have to be that way – work together with your doctor, become an avid reader of Iron Rich Foods and within 3-6 months you can beat your iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia and get back to living your life!

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